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Citations – photography in research

And the half life of my doctoral work isn’t all that bad, either, even though the technology on which it was based (family photography in a pre-digital era) is now obsolete!

Recent glimpses include

Borkowska, Katarzyna (2013) The consumption of hegemonic  masculinity: understanding gender patterns through computer-mediated  communication. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow

Rose, G. (2012). Doing family photography: The domestic, the public and the politics of sentiment. Ashgate Publishing.

Vila, P. (2013). The Importance of Photo-interviewing as a Research Method in the Study of Identity Construction Processes: An Illustration from the U.S.–Mexico Border. Visual Anthropology, 26 (1),

Tinkler, P. (2013). Using photographs in social and historical research. Sage.

Verdina, Z. (2013) A picture is worth a thousand words: Storytelling with instagram. Masters thesis, University of Antwerp.

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