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Streetfootballworld Theory of Change

Some glimpses of the process involved in facilitating streetfootballworld’s theory of change activity here, and an update on their progress here.

Some very nice feedback on the initial workshop was provided by Dr. Abhijeet Barse, a new member of the sfw network board:

“My note is about something all of us experience every single day of our lives. It is about something that terrifies most of us. And yet, it is quite simply inevitable. My note today is about change. The last time I was at streetfootballworld’s offices, I was there to attend and contribute to a workshop on the ‘Theory of Change’. We were given our briefings and plenty of material that gave us a glimpse into what the days ahead were going to be like. Despite this, I must confess I had my misgivings. My perception (and I am certain this is something I had in common with a number of other members) was that change cannot really be ‘theorised’. I felt that there are so many factors that influence change, and all one can do is gently nudge that change along trying to send it down the path we want to go down. Needless to say, I was completely off the mark.

What I saw and experienced in those two days was enough to not only change my mind, but also give me the confidence that this wonderful and dedicated team we’re all a part of is a forerunning change maker. I got a tiny glimpse into future plans and how things are going to change and I have never been this excited”.

Such open-hearted engagement is what makes the job worthwhile, Abhijeet: thanks!

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