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Citations – sport for development

Yay! Always nice to be cited – it proves that someone out there is actually reading the material we diligently produce!

Spotted a couple of citations in a new publication: Schulenkorf, N. and Adair, D. (eds) (2014). Global Sport-for-Development: Critical Perspectives. London: Palgrave Macmillan.  I haven’t managed to read it from cover to cover yet, but a preview can be seen here.

And in “Understanding the Horn of Africa: Adolescence in Kenya” (Martha Saavedra’s lesson plan on the daily lives of adolescent girls in Kenya.

….and in an interesting masters thesis on Sport and Community Development by Ekaterina Bang-Anderson here

….and in Cora Burnett’s 2012 presentation Sport-for-Development across strategic objectives

Goodness: must Google self more often (though in fact, I wasn’t *actually* googling myself when I stumbled across these!)

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