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New collaboration with Framework

I’m proud to announce that I’ve just been accepted as a full member of the Framework Collective.  Framework has been existence for over 20 years, and aims to provide peer support and professional development to the independent consultants who comprise its membership.  In addition to collaborating together on projects when wider expertise is required, we focus on improving the quality of our professional practice through peer supervision, development days, an annual retreat, and regular sharing of expertise, advice and resources.

Orla Cronin Research continues to thrive – so much so that I  missed the opportunity to celebrate a DECADE since our establishment. Perhaps I shall manage to celebrate the undecennial instead? I look forward to continuing to serve existing and new clients, and to deepening and broadening my practice by learning and collaborating with Bruce Britton, Brenda Lipson, Gopal Rao and Catherine Squire.  You’ll continue to encounter me working as Orla Cronin Research; I’ll occasionally be working under the Framework banner, and I will also continue to work with other wonderful collaborators such as Martin Gilbraith, colleagues at ICA:UK, ICA:USA, InFocus, 5Deep, VisualEdge Solutions, and many others.

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