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Data analysis

OCR Ltd are experienced in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and are particularly specialised in innovative ways of analysing qualitative data (text, visual material and videos).

Case studies

Creative ways of analysing qualitative data

The problem: researchers collect vast quantities of qualitative data – audio, video and text.  Conducting a deep, ‘manual’ qualitative analysis on these data is very expensive and time consuming – but settling for a ‘summary’ is wasteful and risks missing rich insights

The solution: in collaboration with other colleagues, Orla applied linguistic analysis tools to qualitative data.


Speeding up qualitative data analysis, using a combination of computer aided qualitative data analysis tools and computational linguistics, allows for exploration of different ‘layers’ in qualitative data, some of which are invisible to the naked eye. 

Textual analysis

A client was developing an interactive website to modify health behaviours. OCR conducted a textual analysis a large dataset of behavioural motivators, and produced material with which to populate the website.

Discourse analysis

A client wished to identify whether the needs of their client group were being reflected in the political process. OCR obtained and analysed parliamentary proceedings to gather evidence regarding the extent to which this group’s voice being heard.  This enabled us to point to indicators of change commencing, even though it will take several years to see tangible effects.