Orla Cronin Research

Social science research and strategic consultancy

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Formal training

OCR provides customised skills training in a variety of areas, for example, creativity skills, qualitative data analysis, scientific communication.

Case studies

Qualitative research training

A large consumer goods company wished to provide ‘in service’ training to staff involved in commissioning and/or conducting qualitative research. OCR developed a two day training course, using examples from company projects and covering advanced skills in different methods of data collection and analysis.  This was followed up by one-to-one coaching for selected individuals on a ‘live’ project.

Researching “dislocative” technology with consumers

A large consumer goods company was concerned that they were not researching radically new technology as well as they might be. OCR reviewed two project case studies and generated a series of principles and pitfalls, based on existing theory and in house guidelines, in “researching the really new” and disseminated these via a one day training course.