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Social science research and strategic consultancy

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Who is Orla Cronin?

Órla Cronin is a chartered research psychologist, and the director of Órla Cronin Research. She has held a number of posts in academia, the voluntary sector and the private sector, including 5 years spent working as a consumer scientist with Unilever Research. A particular feature of her career has been the development of innovative social science research methodology in a variety of domains, e.g. police interviewing, science education, family dynamics, behaviour change, and oral health research.

When not rushing around being passionate about social science research and knowledge brokering, Orla works and plays as a sailor, and volunteers for the Ocean Youth Trust, a charity which uses adventure under sail to provide personal development opportunities to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.  Don’t ask her about penguins: she will pin you to a wall describing Antarctica!

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