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Effective virtual meetings and workshops

Today was a real milestone for OCR. Thanks to wonderful training provided by the ToP Bootcamp provided by Sheila Cooke and Esther Mae Cox, we have just run our first large scale virtual workshop across 3 continents.
We now offer virtual workshop facilitation as part of OCR’s offering to clients around the world. This approach brings many benefits, including, of course, the opportunity to increase participation of staff or stakeholders, time savings as a result of reducing national and international travel time, and reduction in your carbon footprint. One of the reasons I personally am so excited is that it feels like real progress in aligning OCR’s activities with my own core values. Though it’s always wonderful to work with clients in their home base, I’m increasingly uncomfortable with the personal, organisational and environmental costs of long haul travel.
Today’s meeting (involving senior staff at a large NGO) took place with 12 individuals sitting in Germany, UK, South Africa, Brazil and the US. It ran for 3 hours and we made substantial progress on a strategic task we had started during a 2 day face to face meeting in Berlin. The team found the experience interesting and productive. We even had an opportunity for some banter!
We’ll post some FAQ soon in relation to virtual workshops. In the meantime, do get in touch if you’d like to discuss possibilities for your organisation.

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